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Choosing Reputable Scaffolding Companies in Kingston

The best scaffolding companies don’t have to come at premium rates and you’ll have a much better chance of securing the best scaffolding hire services for projects in Kingston if you look beyond business directories and similar resources. Before entrusting a team of scaffolding erectors to work on your behalf, it helps to know a little more about the layout of the scaffolding sector and the companies which operate inside it.


Safety is a priority for all reputable scaffolding companies in the Kingston area, and the best service providers will comply with all current Health and Safety directives pertaining to the scaffolding industry. The will also have provisions in place to continuously improve the training, learning and development of all scaffolding erectors working in their team.


You can see examples of different scaffolding structures we’ve constructed in Kingston and Surrey on our gallery page, and you can read more about scaffolding hire on our blog.


Before you make a final choice on a scaffolding contractor, keep these points in mind:


  1. Look for scaffolding companies in the Kingston area with experience in the type of construction you or your business needs. Some scaffolding hire constructions are different to others in terms of complexity and will require scaffolding erectors with much more knowledge if the job is going to be completed safely and successfully. Talk to scaffolding contractors about previous projects which are similar to your own.
  2. Scaffolding safety is always the most important consideration for any project in the Kingston area where personnel will be working at height. Finding scaffolding companies with the right accreditation matters and their scaffolding erectors should, at the very least, be CITB qualified. While a basic scaffolding tower won’t require a special permit or license, larger constructions should only be undertaken by scaffolding hire companies who conduct risk assessments and provide method statements ahead of the project commencing.
  3. Training for staff is a prerogative for all good scaffolding companies in Kingston, and the very best service providers will be registered and licensed with the relevant bodies. Their scaffolding erectors will be fully aware of industry guidelines and standards, so it pays to check the credentials of any company providing scaffolding hire before using them.
  4. Avoid scaffolding companies who refuse to provide details of their employer’s and public liability insurance. It is ultimately your responsibility to check if the scaffolding hire business you want to use has sufficient insurance cover in place. In doing so, projects in Kingston can be undertaken in the safe knowledge that your own contractors, scaffolding erectors from the company and members of the general public are fully protected if accidents happen.

If you have an upcoming project in Kingston, call 020 8543 3995 and talk to a company that provides safe scaffolding hire services in line with current industry standards.