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Scaffolding Hire in Esher for Domestic and Commercial Projects

While scaffolding is a common feature on new developments and property refurbishments in the Esher area, it has been in use in one form or another for thousands of years. While the scaffolding erectors of the past wouldn’t have had the same equipment or skills as those at Wilkes & Sons, they would have still used a basic structure of some kind when building.


Our scaffolding hire services in Esher are modern in design, and we’re proud to be one of the most progressive scaffolding companies in the area, but we never forget that we owe everything to our peers of centuries ago. Without them, scaffolding would never have developed as form of construction and property maintenance framework.


Below, we explain the key reasons for considering scaffolding hire services and also for using reputable scaffolding companies such as Wilkes & Sons Ltd:



The most important reason for using scaffolding on projects in Esher is safety. Scaffolding provides a solid, stable and level platform for individuals and contractors. By using a reputable scaffolding hire company to erect towers and constructions, our clients protect themselves, their workforce and, of course, members of the general public.


Professional scaffolding erectors like Wilkes & Sons design each construction carefully to ensure anybody working at height – and those below – are always safe and protected. Contact us on 020 8543 3995 to discuss our exemplary safety record further.



One of the biggest advantages scaffolding companies bring to sites in Esher is accessibility. Scaffolding puts contractors exactly where they need to be in a safe and controlled fashion. Ladders can pose many dangers if balance can’t be assured. Scaffolding hire services can provide a stable working platform for one contractor or an entire workforce.


Additional features, including netting and waste chutes, can be added to scaffolding structures to make our constructions even safer for workers and the general public.



Good positioning is also important for projects in the Esher area with access problems. Our scaffolding erectors can create temporary roofing or will build a scaffolding structure that grants access to parts of a property which would otherwise be difficult or impossible to reach safely. Hard access work is an integral part of all modern scaffolding hire services.


By choosing scaffolding companies like Wilkes & Sons, property owners and constructors in Esher are always assured of a safe, reliable and well-planned service from industry experts. If you would like to see what previous customers in Esher have to say about our scaffolding hire services, please take the time to visit the testimonials page of our website.

Call Wilkes & Sons on 020 8543 3995 for scaffolding hire services from one of the most trusted companies to cover the Esher and Surrey areas.